GCSS consists of:

CELLS: Small groups of people meeting regularly weekly or monthly for fellowship, prayer, and Bible Study

CONGREGATIONS: An English and Hispanic congregation worshipping in their own language on Sundays

CELEBRATION: Annual when everyone worships together.

Here is where you can connect!

BIBLE STUDIES and Prayer Groups:

Men's Prayer Group, Church, Tuesday 7:30am

Jose Figueroa, Shingle Creek, Tuesday 300pm (321) 333-9492

Dick Barker, GSTV 733, Thursday 9:30am

Cell Groups: If you’d like to start or join a Cell Group click here. Or you can call the Church Office (407-933-3245) and speak to Carole for assistance.

LIFE GROUPS: If you are seeking to know about Jesus and what it means to follow him. Life Groups are short term but may be just what you are looking for. call Wilma Mauren (407) 488-0475